About OpenPower


OpenPower is an open-source, open-data project that exists to collect and distribute information about electronic product energy efficiency. As an open project, it is intended to be built and maintained by a consortium of open developers, while simultaneously made available for the public to use (for free where possible, and low cost where not).

We hope that you use the OpenPower Database in your home automation/inventory product, research project, smarthome technology, personal energy audit, environmental project, environmental studies, and other environmental impact study. If you do, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know!

A Premiere Sponsor of the OpenPower project is HomeTender — an easy-to-use household organization platform — who provides us with financial support, developer time and data. HomeTender is integrating OpenPower into their upcoming home inventory management system.


The OpenPower project was started because there was no reliable, central, and complete power consumption database. We realized that understanding our global impact was much more than a personal project, and needed to have the ability to measure & report how much power the devices use in our homes and offices.

Answering these questions today is very difficult because there is no easy way to take an inventory of your home, look up the power consumption and heat generation of all of the devices, and then calculate your environmental impact.

Manufacturers list their product specifications in different places, such as their websites, in PDF spec sheets, or sometimes in the product manuals, but often this information is scattered and difficult to find. Sometimes this information isn't even available and it needs to be measured using a power consumption tool (such as a Kill-A-Watt) in various operational states (off, standby, idle, and maximum usage).

Our vision is that by centralizing this information, in a crowd sourced and open format, we can created the world's most comprehensive open database of power consumption and heat production for electronic products. We will provide daily data exports in a variety of formats and a realtime developer API so that companies can integrate the OpenPower Database into their own products.

By making this data available to companies and agencies, we think it will make their products more useful and more sensitive to power consumption and heat generation, and give their users the tools needed to make smart decisions about their own impact. Eventually we may even be able to dynamically scan our local networks to identify the devices in use and the power consumption in realtime.

Help us build the most comprehensive power consumption and heat generation database!



OpenPower was started by Kevin Elliott a Silicon Valley veteran who wants to improve the world by building useful and innovative products, building strong thoughtful communities, and uniting talented and well intentioned founders to work together to build the next generation of technologies.

The OpenPower project is currently developed and maintained by a team of open-source and open-data contributors, and is supported by a group of corporate sponsors who believe in the OpenPower project.